Stop the war

Public declaration
Stop the war

On the August 8, 2008 whole world has received information about outbreak of hostilities Russia and Georgia on the territory of South Osetia.Mass media and analysts talks about factual beginning of war: invasion of troops, bombing, victims.

Existing situation is absolutely unacceptable. All sort of hostilities – its struggle of states, during that value of human lives and human rights reduces repeatedly, replace with high-flown words about power own war potential, treachary of enemies and about readiness go till final victory.

Human rights defenders and conscious civilians express their apprehension about possibility such development of events and appeal to authorities stop and think. In spite of fact that we failed to escape a bloodshed, we still have chance cease fire, calm down and think about human lives.Also about public quiet inside each country, because wars, especially *small* and *victorious* always lead to great problems from the economical crises to revolutions.

We are convinced that warring sides as well official as the unofficial must stop military operations and start truce talks as much as it possible.

We appeal to mass Media try to be correct and impartial under interpritation of the events as much as it possible and not to rouse national hatred.

We appeal tociviliansof countries that take part in the conflict, including representatives of diasporas, don`t follow their goverment`s example and don`t shift particularly political conflict in the everyday life, in the streets of towns.

We appeal to remember that during all sort of hostilities people are suffering and authorities and civilians should think about it in the first place, not about who`s in fault and who will win.

We appeal to the public of countries- participants of conflict not to allow sending conscriptes in zone of military operations.

Movement civil activity Groza.

Translated by Renat Atsalamov

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